Shopify App – Marketing Attribution Survey

The attribution marketing is the fact of knowing where your customer come from. Which marketing channel enabled them to know you.

The limits of traditional attribution techniques

In 2022, your are certainly doing many different marketing campaigns:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram Ads
  • Influencers
  • TikTok
  • Snap
  • TV
  • Press
  • Google SEM
  • Google SEO
  • Word of Mouth
  • etc.

Very hard to know which sources are the best ones…

Moreover, Facebook and Google attribution metrics cannot be trusted. Maybe a customer discovered you for the first time on TV but clicked on a Facebook or Google ad just before a buy. Facebook or Google would include this purchase in their statistics.

Here come post-purchase surveys at the rescue.

We think this is too complex. Why not just ask the customers where they come from? In a simple survey?

That is exactly the point of post-purchase surveys. The response rate are huge, usually more than 50%, which makes it a great sample for estimation the sales per channel.

However, there need to be some tricks to avoid bias.

  • First of all, the order of options shall be random, to avoid the first element bias.
  • Moreover, there need to be enough options, but not too many for the diversity of the sources. That is why we suggest to add an Other option.

Dashboards for understanding the data

Finally, you do not have the time to analyze all that data in CSVs. Your goal is to make your customer happy and sell your products, not to do data-analysis.

Our data analysts worked with e-retailer to design the best dashboards for understanding the data in a glance, without the need to be a data expert.

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