Shopify App – Post Purchase Surveys


A post purchase survey is a survey that is given to the customer in the post purchase page, right after the purchase has been completed.

We usually advise to ask a few (less than 10) short questions in a random order to avoid bias. The question and answer shall be very easy to understand.


A survey shall be asked right after their purchase.


Post-Purchase surveys shall be at the top of the page, with a clear call to action button, to draw the attention of the customer. Ideally, it shall take place inside the page, without redirecting to a new page after the completion.


You can chose to ask different surveys to first-time clients or repeat clients.


This is the most under-used page of your website. There is no pressure to close the sale with a funnel approach, but the customer is still willing to help at this step.

Therefore, it is the best page to ask questions to your customer. It could be a NPS, an attribution survey, a referral, or any other question to know your customer better.

The response rates are huge. For some sites we saw more than 66% response rates!

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